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How Do You Define Yourself?

So, I was reading through my Google Reader RSS feed, and I came across a really interesting post from Deborah of Whipstitch Fabrics. It basically discusses what to call someone who sews. Obviously, on paper, “sewer” looks like a place where waste water goes, not one who sews. Sewist is a made-up word that needs to be defined more often than not. And, seamstress seems (pun completely intended haha) not to allude to modern techniques and creativity.

I started thinking about it. People who craft are crafters, people who DIY are DIYers, the list could go on. Here’s what the Whipstitch community came up with for people who sew: Seamster. It’s a play on seamstress that is gender neutral. I like it, and I think I am going to adopt it, too.

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Pinterest Master List for Crafters

I joined the party! This is a list of over 1,000 pinners. Talk about inspiration!

You can join the party too, right here.

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Jane Not So Plain Logo

Hi! I put together a logo to represent JNSP across the web. What do you think?

*As a side note, I created the image so that the background color of the blog design and the logo design were the same, but when I uploaded the JPEG to WordPress, it changed the colors. Weird.

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A Journey Begins…

I recently began a new job that combines two of my favorite things: social media and sewing. Everyday, I am eager to work on a project. And, even thought I don’t have hours on end to work on my long list of projects, I do make time to at least brainstorm ideas, cut fabric, or plan for projects daily. (It seems that I spend more time planning than actually making, but that’s a whole other post.)

Jane Not So Plain will be filled with tutorials, inspiration, and hopefully conversation. My vision for this blog is that it will become a haven for strong, caring and crafty women. Jane is a family name and, to me,  is synonymous with love, strength, and inspiration.

Keep Calm and Craft On.

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